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EDI system

The process automation is a major factor within the modern logistic world. The ingenious infrastructure at our company ensures an agile organisation and enhances the reliability of the delivery date towards you and your customer.
C. van den Heuvel & Zn. B.V. monitors the latest developments closely and tries to optimise its systems continuously, to give you the optimal logistic information. To ensure this, we use an EDI system.

EDI is an abbreviation of Electronic Data Interchange which means the electronic exchange of information between parties in the form of structured messages. This form of communication offers many advantages. Information exchange is reliable, independent and ensures less work within your company since the manual input of data will be avoided. This also eliminates the possibilities for human errors.
Depending on the number and frequency of shipments there are several EDI solutions possible. All can have major advantages for your company:

  1. Web EDI
  2. EDI via e-mail
  3. Integrated EDI

1. Web EDI works via Internet. With the help of an internet program your shipments are passed on to us. These shipments are stored on a central server and sent via the EDI connection to our systems and automatically processed. For Web EDI no investment is necessary nor any extra IT knowledge.

2. EDI via e-mail. Shipment data are e-mailed to us in a file with a standard layout. Our employees then import the file into our IT systems. Setting up EDI via e-mail demands a relatively small investment and some IT knowledge.

3. Integrated EDI. With fully integrated EDI the messages are exchanged directly between your system and ours. Integrated EDI needs minimum human intervention which will result in minimal risk of errors. The messages comply with an international standard for EDI layout (EDIFACT). Integrated EDI requires a larger investment and more specialized IT knowledge in your company, but with a larger number of shipments the costs for this will be repaid relatively quick.

In our company the EDI system also provides for the possibility to monitor your deliveries yourself. The link below brings you to our EDI system. You have received the username, logon code and password for this system. 

Click on the logo below to open the ''Statusweb'' 

Logistic Manager System

The Logistic Manager System (L.M.) forms the base of our information system and guarantees an optimal planning, administration and facturation. More over the system can be enlarged with PDA's which provide for a digital autograph at the delivery of your package at your customer.

The freight notes are quick and easy retrievable in the digital archive. It's also possible to logon to the system and introduce deliveries or print freight notes and stickers. In short it's possible to introduce the complete data for your transport request.

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