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Our company was founded November 26, 1929 by C. van den Heuvel at Gorinchem, the Netherlands. In 1989 the company moved to Werkendam, a place nearby, and in 2002 we've relocated again, now back to Gorinchem, where at the Techniekweg at number 14 a transportation, warehousing and distribution services building is created. This building has a floorarea of 3000 square meter; a parking lot of 5000 square meter and 8 loaddocks and 2 overheaddoors.

Over the years C. van den Heuvel & Zonen B.V. has grown to be a renowned expediton and transportation company that has set its name in the logistic world.

In 2002 our company isn't only relocated, but has also changed the ownership. The company was taken over by de Ruyter Trucks at Meerkerk, which company now has widened its scope with forwarding and transportation services. De Ruyter Trucks Meerkerk also buys, sells, rents and repair trucks and vans of all kind of brands.

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In 2002, we moved to the new location in Gorinchem. Now we have 3500 mē working space and 5000 mē parking space. Over the years, C. van den Heuvel & Zonen B.V. become a renowned expedition and transport company, that has established its name in the logistics world.


C.vd. Heuvel Transport & Distributie