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C. van den Heuvel & Zn. B.V. defines quality as: doing what has been agreed upon, and conducting a customer aimed policy. This policy is characterized by:

  • having a flexible and proactive way of working
  • thinking with the customer in an active way 
  • searching for efficient and creative solutions
  • having a continuous streamlining of processes

To support this policy and to assist the stratigic management on a daily base, we are using a management system.

In this system the accent lies on the integral management of processes. This means that the company not only controls and monitors the daily work, but also aims at a continuous amelioration of the supporting processes. This can be illustrated by the work that's been done on the efficiency of resources, modern automation and fast and clear communication methods.
For all of this an accurate planning has been made, evaluations are carried out and the effectivity and amelioration will be considered afterwards. All of this is done (amongst others) in the periodical quality meetings and in internal audits.

Also Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a high prority within C. van den Heuvel & Zn. B.V.
CSR is characterised by the 3 P's of sustainable business: People, Planet and Profit.

We have the certification for the "Keurmerk Transport & Logistiek" supported by TLN Consultancy.

The certificate was officially handed over on 22 December 2009

Click on the thumbnails below for the official documents (2009 1st certification, 2013 2nd certification):



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